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ITC : Instrumental TransCommunication

by on May.24, 2009, under Equipment

Lately, I’ve been doing some light research on ITC or Instrument TransCommunication. This  the technique of using electronic devices to observe paranormal activity. Examples would include shooting footage of static on a TV screen or using white noise or scanning channels on a radio to pick up interesting sounds or potential communication, etc.

This is very interesting to me, but the skeptical side of me wants to dismiss it. It seems WAY too coincidental or a possible form of matrixing either through audio or video. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I’d like to know if it’s hype, or if there is some good evidence out there.

For one, I would like to see some scientific methods applied. For instance, asking the same question multiple times, and receiving the same answers throughout a session, etc. If you have some good examples.. either way, I’d love to read up on them or listen/watch some footage. (continue reading…)

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PVC IR Illuminator!

by on May.23, 2009, under Equipment

p5220069So this was a fun project. Our paranormal group was looking for a way to get some more IR light for or our static video cameras and/or for our rooms that could use a bit more for the hand held cameras. We were trying to determine what would be more cost effective.. buying illuminators or building our own. I already played with converting a flashlight using gels with good success, but I wanted to give IR LEDs a shot.

Searching the internet I found a few IR kits, and settled on a kit with 36-850nm LEDs providing a viewing angle of 50 degrees.

I’m a nerd by nature, so the idea of soldering a bunch of LEDs to a circuit board.. is fun!

(continue reading…)

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New Projects

by on May.21, 2009, under Equipment

First of all, I wanted to say that if anyone is out there… reading this blog, let yourself be known. Comment or contact, I’d love to hear from you. I definitely would like to meet more people with similar interests. If any of the projects I described here worked for you or if you have any adjustments/enhancements, I’d like to hear those as well!

I’ve been working on a few projects. I recently converted a SVP DC-12DX 12 Mega Pixel digital camera to be a IR camera. The quality is much less then the Digital Concepts project, so I’d like to hear some opinions as to what went wrong with this. I should have that project how-to in a few days.

The other project I’m working on is a IR  illuminator kit. I purchased a IR LED illuminator kit where you need to assemble/solder the parts. I also figured out how to wire AA batteries in series to generate the 12 volts to power the illuminator. I’ll be working on the case for it today. As soon as I have a fully assembled the unit, I’ll be writing a post about it. That project has been especially fun for me.

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Build a simple IR (infrared) illuminator

by on May.16, 2009, under Equipment

p5140010In a previous post I converted a digital camera to be a infrared digital camera. This allows you to take some very cool photos, and you can utilize ‘night shot’ can capture still images in the dark. To do this, you’ll need a IR light source, the built in flash will be useless.

Various video cameras have night shot IR and I was initially testing the ability of the digital camera to see in the dark using the beam from my video camera. You can purchase various IR illuminators, but I knew there had to be some simple DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques to do this.

After Googling for a bit I found various techniques where you can create a filter for a normal flashlight and create a large IR beam to illuminate a room.  I was able to create a very effective IR illuminator and I’m more than happy to demonstrate how I did it.

The entire project cost around $35 dollars including the purchase of gels and flashlight. I have enough gels to convert several flashlights as well as a few filters for another camera project I’m working on.

Okay, here is what you’ll need to get to convert a flashlight into a IR illuminator:

Flashlight – I used a Brinkmann 6 volt Krypton Lantern. You can purchase this for about $6 at Walmart, etc. I wanted something with a large beam. My goal is to fill a room with IR light.

Congo Blue Gel Lighting Filter (Rosco #382). You can purchase this at B&H here

Red Gel Lighting Filter (Rosco #27). You can purchase this at B&H here

(continue reading…)

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Adding a toggle switch to your KII EMF meter (mod)

by on May.13, 2009, under Equipment

p5130001Okay, so the fun project tonight was to add a toggle switch to my KII EMF meter. I had to go to my local electronics store and pick up a few things. The first thing was a micro-toggle switch (SPST). SPST means Single Pole, Single Throw. It should have only two leads off of the toggle.

The first part is to take apart the KII EMF meter. Flip the meter over and you’ll see two screws holding the back plate. Use a phillips screwdriver to take these out. Make sure you hold onto these screws! (continue reading…)

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KII EMF questionable evidence on Ghost Hunters

by on May.12, 2009, under Equipment, Shows

A couple of years ago, I was watching the Manson Murder episode, where the KII was unveiled. I remember I was super impressed that the EMF detector would react to questions. Shortly after this episode I acquired my own KII.

I’ve taken this to a few investigations, but did not experience any weirdness with the device. The first thing that I noticed about the device is that it had a tactile switch. This means that if you take your thumb off or adjust the thumb, the device would turn off or fluctuate. I ended up using the coin technique to address this problem.

Here is a video that describe this “issue”. Please notice what he says about when the device is on. I’ll reference this in a bit.

After hearing the suspect evidence on the TAPS 2008 live special, I was thinking about the original show which really got me excited about the KII. I thought I would take another look, since I truly understand the behaviour of the KII.

Here is the TAPS epsiode:

Please watch at 2:30 point in the video, where Jason is holding the KII. You’ll notice the first light going off with responses to the questions. As the original video states, if the first green light goes away, the KII turns off! The first green light stays on if it’s on. This could be more ‘tainted’ evidence. Not sure.

As for me, I’ll be modifying my KII with a toggle. I’ll be sure to provide a how-to when I do.

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Credibility of paranormal shows on television

by on May.12, 2009, under Shows

A few months ago, my wife was doing some research on paranormal shows that are currently on TV. She was questioning the legitimacy of these shows and came across a few videos on YouTube discussing the accusations that TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) on Ghost Hunters was lying about evidence on the 2008 Ghost Hunters Live episode.. as well as other episodes.

I watched the above YouTube clip, and I was sorely disappointed. I’m now at a point where I’m questioning all episodes of Ghost Hunter. I do realize the show was created for the sake of entertainment, and that investigations (when done honestly) can yield little or now results.. not very entertaining.

There was a response from Grant here about the episode here:

I’m really not sure who to believe here. I am a fan of these shows among others, and maybe naively I believed the evidence presented, and did not take into account that these shows are created solely for ratings.

I think the world of paranormal investigating is shrouded in imagination, hysteria, lies, misinformation and mixed with true paranormal activity. Having shows like this discredits all paranormal societies and efforts made by others over the years. If these accusations are true, I wonder if TAPS realizes how far off the path they have drifted. If these accusations are false, I wish they would do more to discount these allegations, and to promote legitimate evidence and actions.

I think in the future they should never do live shows again since this can harbor malicious or misleading behaviour in the name of entertainment and ratings.

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How to convert a Digital Concepts digital camera to be a IR camera.

by on May.11, 2009, under Equipment

First things first.

#1 This CANNOT be undone. By converting this camera, it will only shoot in infrared, it will NO longer be a normal digital camera

#2 I am NOT responsible if you ruin your camera. This is a ‘fun’ project, that can turn costly. I cannot determine how careful you are or how well you follow instructions.

You have been warned. If you don’t want to risk ruining this camera, STOP NOW!

Okay, for the people that want to have fun, let’s get started.

I’m using the Digital Concepts 7.1 megapixel (#87690). I purchased mine for about $60. Here is a link to the camera at

This is a decent camera, and at $60, it’s not too bad if you end up bricking it. If you follow the directions and go at a nice methodical pace, you should be fine.

p5110067Let’s begin. First we need to remove the screws from the unit. With the LCD facing you, there are two screws on the bottom, one screw towards the right, and two screws on the left (the second screw is under the USB flap). Here is a tip, I use a small precision electronics screw driver with a magnet to grab the screws easier. (continue reading…)

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Infrared digital photography for ghost hunting

by on May.09, 2009, under Equipment

On a recent ghost hunt, I was thinking it would be cool to use a IR digital camera. I’ve seen a few for sale on eBay, but thought it would be  a good project to modify an existing digital camera. The project was a success, and I’ll post a how-to in a later post.

One of the theories surrounding IR digital photography is that it will be possible to capture paranormal activity during daylight hours. This opens the possibility of more sites to investigate, and it provides a way to investigate in plain site.

You can view some image and more information here:

The idea of capturing orbs or anamolies within the IR spectrum can be performed with a digital camera is very interesting for me. After I made my modification I went to a old cemetery in my home town. I took photos with a tripod and took them in series. Meaning, I took three shots in sequence before picking a new shot. I particularily like this theory to see if you can catch something odd with one of the three shots. By taking the shots close together you can eliminate the possibility of someone walking into the shot, etc.

Below are some photos I took with my modified IR digital



As you can see these images are quite cool. Unfortunately, I took many many photos, but nothing interesting came up. I know I’ll be using this for future sessions. Since the camera has been modified to be IR, it can also take night shots. It will need a IR light source to see in the dark. I did some initial testing using a nightshot enabled video camera. The range is very poor with that particular IR beam. I’ll be working on modifying a flashlight to be IR. I also have a LED brick on the project list, basically making a block of IR LEDs.

Let me know what you think!

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