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Losing Faith?

by on Jun.22, 2009, under Experiences

It’s odd how sometimes I start to question my own faith in the paranormal. I question my own personal experiences today, wondering if it could have been my overactive imagination all along? I question the situation, circumstance, and my memory.

To me this is really disheartening, and I think I’ve been starting to feel this way since the various acqusations of fraud on some of the paranormal shows. Now every one of those shows I watch with the skeptical almost waiting-to-see-the-string sort of attitude, when before these shows reinforced my strong belief, and the pride that people were willing to discuss things in a public manner and exposing the truth of the paranormal. For years, I remembered never wanting to talk about my experiences, and always felt the need to sit with someone with similar experience and together we would determine that we’re not ‘whacko’.

I remember a couple of years ago when I contacted the paranormal investigation group I’m currently in, it was such a relief to feel that I could take part into something I was always unsure about. Going on investigations, I was disappointed in the ‘activity’ that didn’t seem to happen. Lately, I’m wondering if the paranormal exists? Do spirits exist? Maybe when we die.. it just goes black.. and that’s it.

I think I need a fresh personal experience to get me back on track. Either that or dial down my own skeptic level. Have any of you out gone through something similar?

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  • Andy

    This is a tendency of mine too. I just keep plugging away at it, and eventually I am rewarded with an anomalous event/experience that reeks of intelligent interaction.

    Then there are the really fantastic events that within several weeks your logical/analytical side wants to completely chalk up to hallucination. I hate that, when something real happens, but after the adrenaline fades and logic kicks back in, you doubt your experience or senses. It’s good to be skeptical and aware, but I find this counterproductive in the presence of real data.

    Also there is the law of diminishing returns with regards to the paranormal. Ever notice how excited you used to get with even the lightest evp or smallest event? As time wears on, I think we become jaded. Nowadays it seems like it would take a full, hollywood-esque PK event to get me excited. It is those realizations that bring me back down, and make me thankful for even the slightest event or communication. Too easy to take it for granted.

  • Lacy

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  • admin

    Well put Andy. I’ll just keep plugin’ away. Hopefully the group I’m associated with will get a few more hunts in the near future. I haven’t been out in a while, and need to get on a investigation.

  • ejin

    Blind faith is dangerous.

    The way that I see things, in order to understand your faith or belief in anything, regardless if it is your spirituality, government or belief in the paranormal, it is required to question it. It is the only way you can advance on the path that you set for yourself.
    Embrace your inner-skeptic…
    and your inner-freak…
    somewhere in the middle is where you can find understanding.

    Damn that was a little Yoda like >.>

    BTW I dig the site. I was looking for places here in Missoula to try EVP at and worked my way thru the TSI site and eventualy here. I had no idea there was anything like this going on in Missoula. 🙂

  • admin


    Thanks for commenting and your thoughts on the subject. TSI is great, you should contact them.

  • Linda Lange

    Loosing Faith,Why do we call ourselves “Wacko” when we experience things out of the norm? We see what we see,we hear, what we hear,we feel, what we feel.We owe no one an explanation. However,I’m the type that doesn’t believe any thing I read and only half of what I see:) As Joy Bahar would say, “FORGET ABOUT IT . WHO CARES”.

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