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Trigger Items

by on Jul.04, 2009, under Shows

So I watched Ghost Adventures last night where they investigated the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone Arizona. I’ve seen the episode with TAPS at this location as well, and it seems like a pretty interesting place. Any of you had a opportunity to visit or investigate there?

On last night’s episode, they were using prop guns, cigars, silver dollar and whiskey to trigger potential spirit activity in different areas of the theatre. This is similar to the Singapore Theory where you place music from the era to generate activity or to pick up EVPs while doing this. I personally think this is a great technique. Have any of you used ‘trigger items’ to increase activity on investigations? If so what, and what results did you get?

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  • Andy

    I have with limited success used trigger items such as period music, but I cannot be sure the evp would not have presented itself anyway. My latest idea along this avenue would be to embed a geophone sensor in say, children’s toys that illicit motion “play” to give a visual indication of even the slightest manipulation.

  • admin


    That idea sounds super cool! Let me know if you pursue it.


  • Andy

    This isn’t an advert, but I was wondering if you have been to

    Another friend turned me onto the place, it is a great collection of knowledge, emagazine, forum and podcasts geared towards the more serious and advanced researchers. I have been hooked on the place for the past several weeks. Check it out if you get the chance, I think that you will like what you find.


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