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GeoPhone Project

by on Oct.06, 2009, under Equipment

I’ve been seeing the use of GeoPhones on the various ghost hunting shows, primarily Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. Basically, the GeoPhone is a device that picks up vibrations and displays the strength by lighting up a series of LEDs. This can be used for ghost hunting by providing a visual interpretation to sounds that are cause physically. For example, you can ‘call’ for taps on the table, and taps are heard, but the GeoPhone could visual display those taps for additional evidence. I’ve also seen the GeoPhone used to register foot falls or foot prints on hardwood surfaces, etc.

After seeing this, I thought it would be cool to create one. I was able to purchase a kit from BG Micro, and I housed it in a left over solar powered walk-way housing. I elevated the sensor at the top of this housing, and bolted the circuit board directly to the inner part of the housing. I also added a 9 volt power supply and micro-toggle to turn it off and on.

I created this small video to demonstrate it’s functionality. Let me know what you think!

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  • Andy

    Apparently BG micro is no longer going to carry this unit. My bet is that they have run out of suppliers for the SM-7M sensor that came bundled with the kit. The sensor itself is made by SENSOR inc. out of Denmark, but distributed in the US by Ion systems inc. I have tried everything to get them to contact me back with pricing. They have ignored my plethora of emails to all branches of their organization. Nothing but auto responses from sales, cust. service, etc… all saying that they will get back to me. Calling doesn’t help either, no one from sales ever returns a message. Either the company doesn’t want business, or is out of business and faking it, lol. At any rate, as you know, the circuit is insanely simple, and if I just had a good supplier for the actual geophone sensor itself, I could recreate these all day long. There is some guy out there who bought a bunch of these kits, put them in 2 dollar radio shack plastic enclosures, and is selling them right now for 130 bucks. Eh.

  • admin

    Wow. I must have picked up one the last few then? BG Micro is definitely out of this kit. That sensor is very interesting. Seems like it’s using a magnetic field of some sort. One end is definitely magnetic to my surprise.

    How is your ghost beacon working? I really need to work on that next. Let me know if you run across any schematics.

  • omalley

    Very interesting device! I like how you used a solar panel for the casing. Your tutorial was very informative.So have you used this device much and what kind of results have you recieved? Thanks for sharing your ideas and creativity!


  • admin

    Hello There!

    I just got this thing put together a few weeks ago. The hunt at Rankin Hall was the first ‘real’ test for it. I was hoping for something interesting.. maybe another time.


  • sally

    So I was hoping we would get some kind of results outta your geophone last Thursday. Well maybe next week, huh! It sure is a cool device you put together.

  • admin

    Yeah, me too. I think we should keep trying, you never know what could happen.


  • omalley

    Indeed! I believe it’s a unique device and has the potential to be a must have for anywho who is investigating the paranormal.

  • omalley

    Indeed! I believe it’s a unique device and has the potential to be a must have for anyone who is investigating the paranormal.

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