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EMF Pump Phase 2 – Success!

by on Jan.30, 2010, under Equipment

My first attempt with the EMF Pump was a failure (in my eyes) but at least I was too far away from my logic. After posting that earlier post, Brad (founder of Spokane Paranormal) commented and offered to lend his hand! I was able to call him on the phone and roughed out a wiring diagram to wire two box fan motors in parallel. Nice that I had two laying around and was already playing with this concept, but I liked the idea of using just the fan coils (removing the shaft.. which luckily for me is really dangerous to mess around with).

At, I found a post where Brad provided some results with using a EMF pump…

It has helped us alot in gathering evp evidence. On our first investigation using the emf pump we gathered 17 evp’s. On our next investigation we went to a place we have investigated many times. Our usual evidence yielded on average 4 evp’s. When we went back and used the emf pump we gathered 17 evp’s and 2 apparitions. It seems as though it gives them more energy. The evp’s were very clear and louder as well. Instead of gathering mostly class b evp’s, 14 of the were class a. One of them was so loud and clear you would swear that somebody had sat next to the recorder and just spoke into it. It was louder than any of the investigators throughout the whole night.

So here is my procedure, and again, I’ll add my standard disclaimer… I don’t take any responsibility for any death, injuries or loss of property. I’m just illustrating how I did this.

I used two Lakewood box fans, the kind you find at Walmart, etc. Oddly, my two fans were purchased at two different times, so the motors were different. I completely took apart the fans and released the motor from both of them. After taking apart the motor housing or cage, I removed the shaft which spins the fan.

In my case, I wanted to stick with the electronics assembly of the first motor, but I need to tie in the second motor. After the switch, I connected the same color wires to the first motor and combined the ground (black). The other colors represent speed stages with red being the high speed setting. The switch is a 3 way selector switch with off, 1, 2 and 3 speeds.

Brad instructed me to use a 3″ 110 VAC case fan (Radio Shack part #273-242) to help cool the coils. With out the fan mechanism the coils get HOT and will eventually shut down with out some cooling. This fan will be used to exhaust heat away my enclosure. Brad uses a Playstation 2 shell for an enclosure, which I really like that idea, but I wasn’t quite sure where to pick one up quickly (I needed this to be done for an upcoming investigation) so I opted to use a small tool box ($5 at Walmart).

After wiring everything and testing if both coils worked and no fires occurred I began to think about mounting the coils and electronics. Below is a photo of my coils with everything wired up, including the fan with temporary test leads.

I used my dremel tool to cut the brackets that held the motor originally in the box fan and reattached the motors to my pieces. From there, I ran to Ace Hardware and started buying all sorts of spacers, socket heads and locking nuts. I used spacers to raise the coil mounts about a 1/4″ off of the bottom of my enclosure. I also bought a square U-Bolt to sit between my coils. I would use this bar to zip tie some of my wires to keep things tidy and away from the hot coils. I decided to mount the fan to the top of the lid and used a forsenor (spelling) bit to cut the large vent holes at the top. Thinking about additional venting I added some smaller holds to both sides of the enclosure.

For the potentiometer switch I made a template based off of the original fan housing (basically two notch cuts above and below a circle cut). My switch popped into that just like how it did in the original box fan chassis. I bought a little cooler knobby and attached it with a set screw.

Here is a photo of the EMF pump opened.

Here is a shot from above with the EMF closed.

Here is a better view of the front showing the knob to fire the unit up.

Again, I would like to thank Brad from Spokane Paranormal for helping with this build! I really do appreciate it, and I’m excited to start using this on upcoming investigations with Tortured Souls Investigations.

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EVP/Voice using Ghost Box on latest investigation

by on Jan.26, 2010, under Evidence, Investigations

So Tortured Souls Investigations out of Missoula Montana was able to investigate a legendary house with a interesting and disturbing history. We came into this location with incredibly high hopes. The house was beautifully restored and was surprised that there has been very little activity since the owners purchased and restored the house a few years ago. One of the things they did was create a small ‘spirit house’ to give a home to the potentially restless spirits there. Maybe it worked.

This night we thought we would give my Shack Hack Ghost Box another try. I’m still really on the fence with this device and technique, but I wanted to stay open with it. We did happen to hear a voice that caught our attention. Please view the video below:

The flashing light in the video is a IR strobe beacon I created. Basically, it’s a bike light. I removed the white LEDs and replaced them with IR LEDs.

To see additional footage (some orbs were captured with a video camera), please check out the Tortured Souls Investigation’s YouTube Channel.

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EMF Pump Phase 1 – Failure?

by on Jan.26, 2010, under Equipment

So, working on my EMF Pump, I’m feeling like I need to state that Phase 1 might be a failure. I had high hopes, and I’m concerned on what it can do, and I’m concerned on safety if I continue. Any brainiacs out there that might be able to lend a hand.. or at least a ear?

My strategy is to use coils from fans. One coil (electric motor) will spin a magnet in another coil above it. Issues, I’m running into…

– EMF field generated is strong but distance is really shallow
– Electric motor gets real hot
– My magnets are not providing enough to create a decent field. I’m able to generate about a 1/4 volt of juice

I’m thinking about removing the drives entirely and just power the coils with AC current (110). Here comes the safety issue. Will this fry me? If so, what’s the best way of going about this, and will this generate enough EMF?

I’ll probably buy some larger rare earth magnets and continue with my first plan to see if I can increase the EMF field. I also noticed that applying the second coil actually decreased my EMF read out.

Help please.

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EMF Pump

by on Jan.26, 2010, under Equipment

So, I’ve been brainstorming on a new piece of equipment. This is the EMF pump which is designed to generate a EMF field in a small area. The general theory is that it can potentially feed a spirit presence allow for enough energy to help aide in communication (either in manifestation or commonly used to help with EVP capture).

Seems like all of these devices I’m generally skeptical on, but I’m willing to try anything. I like the idea of detecting EMF fields (moving) as a potential indicator of a presence, but the idea using this energy (ie: from batteries, etc) has always been hard for me to swallow. It’s one thing to be in abandoned building that is completely void of power, but to use this theory in all areas is rough for me. Seems like there is power EVERYWHERE in a functional building, including EMF. EMF can be found in anything with coils and transformers or with exposed wiring. Examples would include TVs, microwave ovens, light switches and outlets, fans, etc.

So, if any of you have had any experience with a EMF pump, let me know what you think… also would love to know how you built it. My plan is quite simple. I’ll be using one or two electric fan motors (basically DC electric motor), which I’ll plug into a power source. I’ll also be attaching some rare earth magnets on the axel of the motor (removing the fan portion) and surrounding that with a coil, creating a electric generator. So, this will be two magnetic fields be generated. I’ll be running to Good Will to see if I can find some goods [electric fans, microwave oven]. I want to tear apart the microwave to get the transformer to use the copper to create my coil. I’ll be ordering some magnets today… so we’ll see how it all goes.

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Radio Shack Hack Ghost Box 12-469

by on Jan.25, 2010, under Equipment

I mentioned this a while back that I was going to make a modification to the Radio Shack Pocket Radio (#12-469) to allow it to sweep uninterrupted through the AM or FM bands. This can be used in conjunction with EVP sessions. Personally, I’m not sold on this technique, but wanted to give it a shot regardless.

Here is the radio you need. I’ve heard they’re not selling this anymore? If this is true, you can many tutorials on other various Shack hack ghost boxes types. The concept is the same for all, removing the ‘mute’ pin.

Okay, here is where I add my standard disclaimer. I’m not responsible for any injury or loss of equipment when attempting this modification. Do this at your own risk!

The first step is to remove the three screws from the rear including the one in the battery compartment.

Once you’ve removed the screws you’ll see the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Now this circuit board is attached to another circuit board below it. You’ll need to remove two more screws that connect the circuit boards to each other. They’re connected with a set of connector pins. You’ll be able to separate the circuit boards, but be careful!

Now flip the circuit board you removed over and you’ll see the series of pins. They’re all labeled, and what you need to do is to clip the MUTE pin. Triple check that you’ve identified the correct pin.

Now with a pair of wire cutters clip the pin as close to the circuit board as possible. I circled the pin for reference.

What this will do is prevent the radio to lock on a channel during scanning mode. Now reverse the steps, gently reattach the circuit board to the other. Screw in the two screws securing the circuit board. Attach the cover and screw in the three screws. To test, add batteries and hold down the center button. The channels should begin scan, but never stop.

I also found this video showing the same unit I used.

Let me know how it goes!

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Upcoming New Investigations

by on Jan.20, 2010, under Equipment, Investigations

I’m very excited about 2010. The group which I’m a member of, Tortured Souls Investigations, has some great investigations lined up for Spring 2010, which the potential of more local locations. This weekend we kick off 2010 with a great location with lots of local history, so I can’t wait!

I have some plans for new ‘gadgets’ for 2010 as well. Side note, I hate it when people call them ‘gadgets’ or ‘toys’. Can’t we call it equipment?? Not sure why you don’t hear them be referred as ‘toys’ on TAPS or Ghost Lab, etc. Maybe I need to make them to look more like ‘equipment’. Heavy, metal, something with ‘authority’ might be needed. EMF detectors that you need to wheel in with a hand truck.. no we’re talking!

Seriously, I’m interested in making a EMF pump this year as well as some better ghost beacons and illuminators. Along with building some new projects, I’m starting to assemble a little wish list of equipment to purchase. Mel Meters, Data Recorders, etc.

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