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EMF Pump Phase 1 – Failure?

by on Jan.26, 2010, under Equipment

So, working on my EMF Pump, I’m feeling like I need to state that Phase 1 might be a failure. I had high hopes, and I’m concerned on what it can do, and I’m concerned on safety if I continue. Any brainiacs out there that might be able to lend a hand.. or at least a ear?

My strategy is to use coils from fans. One coil (electric motor) will spin a magnet in another coil above it. Issues, I’m running into…

– EMF field generated is strong but distance is really shallow
– Electric motor gets real hot
– My magnets are not providing enough to create a decent field. I’m able to generate about a 1/4 volt of juice

I’m thinking about removing the drives entirely and just power the coils with AC current (110). Here comes the safety issue. Will this fry me? If so, what’s the best way of going about this, and will this generate enough EMF?

I’ll probably buy some larger rare earth magnets and continue with my first plan to see if I can increase the EMF field. I also noticed that applying the second coil actually decreased my EMF read out.

Help please.

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  • brad

    You have the right idea. Please email me and I will give you the right build instructions provided you can at least give credit due. It is a simple idea based on physics. Which I have luckily studied. My new EMF Pump is actually patented now, so I am unable to release those build instructions. Happy to share the old with as many people as possible though:) The only thing I ever ask is if they give me the credit I deserve, that is all. The new ones just cost material+shipping. It usually takes about 5 days to build the new, since it is built from scratch material, and hand built. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

  • admin

    Hello Brad

    Thanks so much for reaching out. I just sent an email to you. Looking forward to you reply.


  • brad

    Hi Hank,
    If you could let me know when that video will be going on you tube that would be awesome.

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