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New GeoPhone Project

by on Oct.31, 2010, under Equipment

So, I’ve been kicking around the idea of putting together a new GeoPhone.. that is cool and durable. The kits out there are good, but wanted some additional functionality, and the pre-built kits (assembled kits with enclosures), look pretty bad (ie: circuit board mounted on top of the unit). My first GeoPhone kit was fun and easy to put together, but in the field, it has to be handled with delicate hands (especially during storage, etc). Storing it carefully was a worry, but also the chance of someone stepping on it or kicking it was also something on my mind.

I started on my new GeoPhone project that has some additional functional features, and will be completely enclosed in a metal enclosure. I’m pretty excited about building this. Also, I’m not assembling it from a kit. In fact, I’m building the circuit board, etc. I already prototyped the circuit on a breadboard, and just finished my circuit board (acid etched and tinned).

Below is a shot of the circuit board. GeoPhone Etched PCBI’ll be creating this with super bright LEDs and enclosed in a durable metal enclosure and using high quality electronic components and wiring. Pieces are slowly coming in, and I’ll be working on assembly in the next couple of weeks. I’ll post the next build segment, but if you or anyone is interested in one of these GeoPhones, please contact me, I’m planning on building a few.

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Ghost Hunting Software – The PLAN??

by on Oct.14, 2010, under Equipment

The Paranormal Log & Analysis NotebookSo bouncing around the interwebs, I came across something that sounds pretty cool. It’s a software for ghost hunting, called the PLAN (which stands for Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook). Is anyone using this?? If so, I’d like to hear your thoughts (good/bad) on it. Seems like a interesting piece.

The basic jist of it is.. you use this to centrally store your evidence as well as your team info (ie: Member info, etc). Here is a listing of the key features:

Investigator’s Profile and  Statistics
Equipment Inventory/List
Email Members
Types of Activity
Import EVPs Recordings
Import Photos
Import “Your Own” Custom Logo
Cover  Letter Design
Customizable Look and Feel Settings
Password Protect

This seems pretty great. Just curious about exporting data, etc. Seems like it would be great to easily integrate it with a website, etc. But for only $24.95, it almost seems like a no brainer to try out the PLAN.

You can read more about it at their website here.

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Live Radio Ghost Hunts

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Investigations

Last year, I was lucky to be a part of TSI and their live radio ghost hunts. We did three ghost hunts in coordination with a local radio station here in Missoula. It was a blast, and I was looking forward to our hunts for 2010. But unfortunately, I heard that this will not be happening this year. Frankly, I was pretty surprised since last year’s was such a success.

So far, there are no future hunts scheduled, and there are no nerd-projects on the bench related to paranormal investigating.  I have a feeling things… need to change. Sometimes self-motivation leads to production. Anyone have any project ideas I should look into??

It’s cool that the EMF Pump Phase 2 article has received a few comments. Unfortunately, my EMF pump overheated and died. Might be the next project to build a more efficient pump, but I would like to look for something different.

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