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Finished the prototype of my paranormal geophone

by on Nov.16, 2010, under Equipment

I was excited to finish my version of the paranormal geophone. The first prototype used a smaller circuit board, which in turn added more wires to connect the LEDs. Not ideal. The second prototype used a larger circuit board where the LEDs were connected directly. This worked brilliantly, and created a very clean build.

The paranormal team I’m affiliated (TSI – Tortured Souls Investigation) had an investigation over the weekend, and this would be a great test for my geophones. Both worked well, both were quite sensitive and did the job. Nothing conclusive in relation with the geophone and the investigation though (overall it was a quiet night).

The geophone that I’ve put together have some cool features. Number one, they’re built in a aluminum enclosure, so they’re built to last. Number two, I used super bright LEDs that really light up when there is seismic activity. I also have the option of battery power or powered by adapter which is handy if batteries are drained. I’ve included the sensitivity knob which uses a high quality potentiometer with a cool looking ‘chicken head’ knob. Also LED power light so you know it’s on.. when it’s on.

I’ll have some photos up soon!

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  • Robert

    The only real problem I see using this device is the fact that something underground could trigger it and you’d never know.

  • admin

    Robert. I would say issues like this can be associated to *any* paranormal device. Anything could potentially be explained as natural. I would say using this device, but potentially being able to eliminate the natural.. could be the paranormal.

    I like the geophone to potentially reinforce auditory responses.. ie: footsteps, knocking, etc. Especially if there is a call and response.

  • Robert

    Ah true, if you are interacting with it and it is responding with you. I was thinking more along the lines of like Ghost Hunters had theirs going off and swore up and down it was paranormal.. Yet, there was no effort to find out what might be making it go off.

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