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GeoPhone Project

by on Oct.06, 2009, under Equipment

I’ve been seeing the use of GeoPhones on the various ghost hunting shows, primarily Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. Basically, the GeoPhone is a device that picks up vibrations and displays the strength by lighting up a series of LEDs. This can be used for ghost hunting by providing a visual interpretation to sounds that are cause physically. For example, you can ‘call’ for taps on the table, and taps are heard, but the GeoPhone could visual display those taps for additional evidence. I’ve also seen the GeoPhone used to register foot falls or foot prints on hardwood surfaces, etc.

After seeing this, I thought it would be cool to create one. I was able to purchase a kit from BG Micro, and I housed it in a left over solar powered walk-way housing. I elevated the sensor at the top of this housing, and bolted the circuit board directly to the inner part of the housing. I also added a 9 volt power supply and micro-toggle to turn it off and on.

I created this small video to demonstrate it’s functionality. Let me know what you think!

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New Projects

by on May.21, 2009, under Equipment

First of all, I wanted to say that if anyone is out there… reading this blog, let yourself be known. Comment or contact, I’d love to hear from you. I definitely would like to meet more people with similar interests. If any of the projects I described here worked for you or if you have any adjustments/enhancements, I’d like to hear those as well!

I’ve been working on a few projects. I recently converted a SVP DC-12DX 12 Mega Pixel digital camera to be a IR camera. The quality is much less then the Digital Concepts project, so I’d like to hear some opinions as to what went wrong with this. I should have that project how-to in a few days.

The other project I’m working on is a IRĀ  illuminator kit. I purchased a IR LED illuminator kit where you need to assemble/solder the parts. I also figured out how to wire AA batteries in series to generate the 12 volts to power the illuminator. I’ll be working on the case for it today. As soon as I have a fully assembled the unit, I’ll be writing a post about it. That project has been especially fun for me.

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