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Surge of Paranormal Shows

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Shows

Over the last few years, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the recent surge of paranormal (specifically ghost related) shows that are popping up on TV. Is this solely because of the success of Ghost Hunters?

I do have to admit they’re awefully entertaining, but I feel they misrepresent how much action actually occurs at investigations. With the power of ‘editing’ it makes ghost hunting thrilling and exciting with every minute, but in reality it’s a lot of sitting and waiting. Funny, how a ghost show has to have something to provide the viewers, which always makes me think if they are some how doctored. I’ve discussed this in the past, and I believe lots of evidence or personal experiences are staged. Could be wrong… who knows.

With that said, I’m looking forward to Ghost Lab, I missed the premiere. Anyone see it? How is it? How is it different?

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Losing Faith?

by on Jun.22, 2009, under Experiences

It’s odd how sometimes I start to question my own faith in the paranormal. I question my own personal experiences today, wondering if it could have been my overactive imagination all along? I question the situation, circumstance, and my memory.

To me this is really disheartening, and I think I’ve been starting to feel this way since the various acqusations of fraud on some of the paranormal shows. Now every one of those shows I watch with the skeptical almost waiting-to-see-the-string sort of attitude, when before these shows reinforced my strong belief, and the pride that people were willing to discuss things in a public manner and exposing the truth of the paranormal. For years, I remembered never wanting to talk about my experiences, and always felt the need to sit with someone with similar experience and together we would determine that we’re not ‘whacko’.

I remember a couple of years ago when I contacted the paranormal investigation group I’m currently in, it was such a relief to feel that I could take part into something I was always unsure about. Going on investigations, I was disappointed in the ‘activity’ that didn’t seem to happen. Lately, I’m wondering if the paranormal exists? Do spirits exist? Maybe when we die.. it just goes black.. and that’s it.

I think I need a fresh personal experience to get me back on track. Either that or dial down my own skeptic level. Have any of you out gone through something similar?

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